Plastic Punch Clean-up Ada #Trashtag6

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Samstag 07 Dezember 2019 08:00

Maranatha Beach Camp, Ada Foah, Ghana, Ada Foah, Ghana

Veranstaltet von Plastic Punch

The Ada beaches are home to endagered species of marine ?? turtles ? ?that come to nest on a plastic infested beach.

Plastic Puncher will punch plastic and trash off the turtle nesting beach.

It?s advisable to wear a cap?, sunscreen ?, comfortable clothes ?? & sneakers ?

Plastic Punch will provide cleaning materials ???, Sobolo (Bissap) , Asaana , #Plasticfree Lunch ? and snacks ??

Water ? will be provided. Please come along with your re-usable water bottles for refill ?

We are calling on volunteers to help us saveguard the turtle nesting beach.